Sunday, May 7, 2017


Musings on openly saying and acknowledging what it is you truly want and trusting in the timing of the universe…

I have been very neglectful in paying attention to my dreams lately, and really missing out on capturing some of the golden nuggets that have been hatching in my unconscious mind. I’ll wake up, and either be too tired to write the dream down or I will think ‘nah, I’ll remember it later’ and off I go back to sleep. Of course, I never remember later. So I said ‘ok universe, I promise I will write them down, you’ve taken the time to talk to me, so the least I can do is respect you and listen.’

Last night I had a really profound dream that was so clear in its message… and true to my promise, I wrote it down.

In the dream I am at a house and I find the most beautiful engagement ring. It’s divine in its design, a beautiful intricate gold with a dreamy stone in the middle – it almost looks like a blue pearl. As beautiful as the ring is, it just doesn’t feel right on me. I somehow end up losing it and I’m frantically trying to search for it. I say to my friend ‘isn’t it funny how something so beautiful can feel so wrong? I know it’s not right for me.’ As soon as I say this, I find the main gold part of the ring, but the stone is missing. My friend and I are amazed! Then after some more searching for the stone and wishing I could find it, I say ‘I just wish I could find the stone, not so I can wear it, but so someone else can. It is so beautiful and would be a shame for it to go to waste. I want to find it so it can go to someone else who is meant to have it.’ After I say this, I see the beautiful blue stone appear on the ground. I couldn’t believe it! My friend and I just looked at each other in total amazement and we both have goosebumps, it’s so amazing.
I realised the meaning was that in order to find what you’re looking for, you need to let go of the attachment you have to things that aren’t right for you. You need to say out loud what you know in your heart you don’t want, in order to show the universe that you are ready for the things you do. Part of the process is being OK with letting things go and accepting that whatever it is will end up where and how it’s meant to be.
It may be something that might look broken at first, and it may not come together all at once (as much as you might want it to), but when you’re ready, the gem will appear and things will all come together to make something bigger and complete.

Trust in the process and don’t be afraid to let something go – even if it looks like it should work. It’s ok if it doesn’t – it’s actually ideal if it doesn’t. This is the universe giving you a nudge to change direction, to be brave and to try something new. It opens up space for someone else to appreciate something you have let go. That may be a relationship, a job, some clothing or jewellery you no longer want. Be gracious and have gratitude, know what you deserve and genuinely wish good things for others… The universe has your back, trust that.

Art credit: Pinterest - unknown artist

Friday, January 27, 2017


There have been a lot of changes since my last post in October. I have moved house... again! Since moving to Melbourne three and a half years ago I have lived in four different homes. I moved unexpectedly this time due to terrible neighbours - which I am ever so grateful for. There is always a blessing hidden in challenging situations, and as I repeated in my head over and over while at the dentist on Wednesday 'every unpleasant situation is an opportunity for mindfulness' - this kept me calm through my two dental fillings and it is my own mantra for life.
So when these less than ideal neighbours moved in, it forced me to try and find a new apartment, STAT. I found one that sang my name from the moment I stepped inside. It feels like home and has presented a new suburb, new opportunities for growth and a positive new energy.

Today I have spent the day moving furniture around and hanging art. It is so therapeutic and cleansing to create a new environment and a new energy. The energy we create in our home is so important because it can either grow and inspire our soul or it can make it feel drained and depleted.
I haven't bought anything new for the apartment, yet it all feels new again. The things in my home aren't particularly expensive - in fact, most things are from an op-shop! It doesn't matter how much or little you spend, what matters is that it has been acquired with a feeling of love.

I encourage everyone reading this to look at the space you have and take a moment to notice how your energy feels when you are inside that space. If it doesn't feel right, think about the things that are making your energy not feel great, and donate those items to a charity shop. They may just make someone else feel happy. Then have a think about the things that make your heart feel happy and try and incorporate those things in your space. When you surround yourself with things that make you feel joy, it can't help but have a positive impact on your life as a whole.

I'm confident that this will be the last move for quite some time and it's exciting to feel settled and at home. 2017, 'year of the good vibes'.

Below are some photos of the progress so far... also, a shout-out to my brother, Tim, who painted the Buddha - such a peaceful and calming painting to have near my bed.

Namaste xo

Sunday, October 16, 2016


About once a fortnight I will cleanse my little home with incense and set a blessing and intention with positive words. It's great for shifting out stale and negative energy and it's quite amazing the difference it makes to the space and how I am while living in it.
Today, after I did this, I went to the florist and when I returned home I was inspired to take some photos - because the space just felt so delicious to be in!
The perfect calm before tonight's Super Moon in Aries (conjunct with Eris and also Uranus).
The week leading up to this Super Moon may have felt particularly trying, but the hidden blessing is that it is all for a purpose, to get us to make changes and to push us to where we need to be. It will seem like a hard time following this, but just remember that it is pain with purpose... keep calm, be open to hearing and telling the truth (kindly), and don't absorb the issues of others. And, most importantly, be kind to yourself.
Take a moment tonight to go outside and stare up at the sky - It will be a beauty!

Sunday, August 14, 2016


I have been told by three different intuitive people that I need to connect back into nature. Be in an environment where I am surrounded by more greenery and connect with the earth. Which I must admit when I moved house the first thing I noticed about my new suburb was the overwhelming lack of nature and the dense concrete surroundings. Trees weren’t really something I thought too much about, or even noticed until they were taken away from me.
When I was reminded of this, again, by someone on Saturday I decided to get my nature-deprived butt back into it. Today I took myself for brunch at a cottage café that overlooked trees, a communal vegetable patch and a river. Nature? Tick, tick, tick. I have been feeling particularly reflective lately about life’s path and the big questions and somehow being surrounded by nature just makes everything seem more connected. I went for a stroll by the river and found a quiet spot to sit, reflect and just breathe. I was sitting there alone when this girl wearing a red coat and holding a handcrafted wooden box was walking by, then she looked at me and stopped and started walking towards me with such purpose. She asked if she could sit with me for a bit. She said, “I like that you’re wearing red, red is the colour of love.” (I had a red jumper on). She then went on to say “We were all here once before, our spirits. When we die are spirits are reborn again. As a person and maybe sometimes as an animal.” She then said “We all have a path in life and we can’t fight it.” She said some other stuff and then off she went on her way.
Maybe she was a crazy, or maybe it was a message that I needed to hear delivered through some divine way. A reminder to not over think things, a reminder that our souls are precious and a reminder that we all have a path.
This is also a great reminder about perspective and choices. You can either choose look at a situation like it is crazy and absurd, or you can open your mind to the signs that life gives you… Because they really are always there, you just need to open your eyes and mind to them.
I really love when these bizarre occurrences happen because it makes me feel connected and grounded… which is exactly why I decided to go into nature in the first place today.

The challenge for this week for everyone who has read this post is to notice the signs or ask for a sign from the universe... then keep an eye out and open your mind to the little things that happen throughout the day. It's sometimes the little things that have the greatest impact.

Sunday, July 10, 2016


Today is raining and grey, which makes the most perfect soundtrack and backdrop for a bit of creativity, house organising and reflection. The rain sounds like the heavens are dancing and washing away the past week to prepare for a new one.
I just finished creating an artwork for a Birthday gift and while I wait for it to dry I decided to update my artwork file on my computer... so I thought I would share a few with you.
Below are some pieces from the past 6 months that I created for either gifts or to sell. They have been created using ink mixed with alcohol resulting in this effect. Each piece has been made with love and care and the most wonderfully special thing about this media is that no one artwork can ever look the same. Because, like life, even though we may have a plan or an idea of how it will turn out, fate swirls in to create something different. So while it may not look like how you pictured it, the outcome still leads to something just as beautiful, or even more so.
It's important for us all to stop focusing on how we wish things were, because when we do that we miss the beauty that's right in front of us. Created by mistake, but no less as beautiful.

Sunday, May 1, 2016


I had completely forgotten about these photos I took at home last October. I remember being so inspired by my trip to the florist and seeing a beautiful posy of mixed roses that I fell in love with. So, as soon as I arrived home I pulled out my camera and took photos of them placed around the house. I almost wished I could carry them around with me everywhere I went.

It was this thought that reminded me of a memory from when I was little. I think my love of flowers began when I was about 4 years-old. I was in pre-school and I was really unwell. My Godmother came to visit me with the most divine little posy of flowers that my little eyes had ever seen. I insisted on carrying them everywhere with me. My mum kindly said they would die if I didn't put them in water... but I didn't care. I wanted to hold on to that beauty and take it with me everywhere I went. Even if I was just on the couch resting, they didn't leave the grip of my tiny hand. I just remember how much joy they made me feel.
I think this is why as an adult I continue to always ensure my home has fresh flowers in them and why I love giving them to others during good or bad times. Because, to me, flowers are happy. They are joy. They give you love and expect nothing in return. And, they are a reminder of the beauty that exists in our world - No matter what is happening in our lives, flowers don't stop blooming just because we are sad or happy. They just continue to bloom - and that is a beautiful thing to always remember.

Below, some of the flower snaps as well as other snaps I took of my home at the same time.

Sunday, January 31, 2016


It would feel a bit strange to end the January blog post without acknowledging how the year started. It's a personal, yet important story to share because this is something that none of us are immune to... death.
On Christmas Eve my beautiful Grandmother, who we called our Omi, had a stroke as she arrived for our big family Christmas Eve dinner. Sadly, she ended her fight on New Year's Day. In a way, it was beautiful that she started 2016 on a new journey in her new world with all of her old friends who she had lost many years before.
My Omi, while she did not have much, possessed the most generous heart and nature, always giving of herself and of what she had to help her family and those around her.
She had a beautiful saying and that was "I like to give with hands that are warm." That always stuck with me because it is so important to give and show love while we are still here, while our hands are still warm and our heart is still beating.
As a Christmas gift, my Omi had given each of us some money, which sadly she never had the opportunity to hand to us personally. We all made a promise to buy something special that would remind us of her, as it was her very last Christmas gift to us.
On Monday I went to 'Crystal Heart' - a lovely crystal shop on Lygon Street in Carlton, Melbourne. I picked out a vintage style ring with a Citrine stone, because of its meaning. Now, whenever I look at my hand I will think of my Omi, her warmth and sunshine and I will be reminded to give with hands that are warm.

Make sure you listen to those you love, their precious words hold valuable lessons and priceless wisdom. Also, remember to be kind, positive and love yourself - life is short, but it will feel very long if we are mean and hard on ourselves. Be like the sun, bright and warm.

Sunday, January 10, 2016


Today I made no-bake energy balls. Now I am pretty much Martha Stewart combined with 'the girl of your dreams'
I love the beginning of a new year, because it is filled with new possibilities and gleaming hope. Like hope of being organised and being healthy.

Because I love food and despise being hungry, and because you have to be cheery at work - and let's be honest, sometimes it uses all your energy (especially when you need a snack and don't have one) to stop yourself from yelling "pipe down jabronies, I need a cupcake."
So, with this in mind I decided to make a healthy snack for work that would turn me into TUCW (The Ultimate Cheery Worker) and would also stop my cupcake addiction from creeping into the new year.

These no-bake balls were super easy to make, and if you have a Nutribullet with a milling blade, they are even easier!

I used the below organic ingredients..

1 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup coconut flakes
1/3 cup flax seeds
1/3 cup almonds
2 Tbs. sunflower seeds
1 Tbs. chia seeds
1/2 cup chocolate chips and chocolate coated goji berries (add as little or as many as you like)
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/3 cup manuka honey

I milled separately in the Nutribullet the coconut flakes, flax seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds and chia seeds.

I then put in a large bowl and mixed in the chocolate chips and chocolate coated goji berries, added the peanut butter and manuka honey, and mixed with my hands.
I then rolled into balls and coated in a tiny amount of extra milled coconut.

~ This made about 20 medium sized balls.
To store I have put in plastic snap lock bags in the fridge.
Make sure you keep in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before eating and store in the refrigerator.

Now I am work snack ready!

I write this as I drink tea and eat pure butter shortbread. Because, balance.

Wishing everyone a lovely start to the New Year.

xx Megan

Sunday, December 6, 2015


The excitement that is hydrangea season. Two of the most lovely things you can have in your home (other than love and family, of course) are flowers and art.

I have picked up a few treasures from the Salvos Stores over the past few months. Some of my favourites are below.

It all started one Saturday morning a few months ago... I woke up early and I immediately thought 'I need to go to Salvos' (a totally normal thought to think as soon as you wake up). So I jumped out of bed and off I went. I only had limited time because I had a book club brunch that morning.
As soon as I arrived I went straight to their art/picture area and found a giant swirl masterpiece. I also came across a fab Picasso print 'Boy in Blue' - I like to think he watches over the house at night. I swear these pieces called to me as soon as I woke up that Saturday morning.

On another visit, I snapped up the most stunning lamp that I spied from the store window as I was driving past and I just knew it had to be mine. It now lives happily in my bedroom and its light shines on.

Vintage and secondhand pieces have so much character and give a home so much soul. I love a good op-shop find and some fresh blooms.

Sunday, November 29, 2015


I sat in front of my laptop staring blankly at it thinking that I wanted to write, but write about what? How could anything that may seem trivial in comparison to all the world's current problems possibly matter?

I then remembered a dream I had at the beginning of the year, so I pulled out my dream journal...

In the dream I am speaking with someone about jobs and saying how it seems that these days people feel like they are a failure if they aren't an entrepreneur or climbing their way to the top. I said, it is all about purpose. It doesn't matter what you do, or what level you are, as long as you are doing what you are doing with purpose. Take for example the person working in the video store, perhaps they really love films and being around all those great films everyday is really inspiring to them. Maybe they love helping people choose what films to watch. Maybe they aren't looking for a stressful environment, and that suits them. But you need to have purpose. A reason for doing what you are doing. Otherwise you are just drifting and that serves no one, not even yourself.
I said, it doesn't have to be grand, but it has to have purpose.

So I guess this popped into my head as a reminder. A reminder to keep going, to keep doing things I love and to remember that above everything else, to keep living with purpose.

Remember, just because it doesn't fit the idea of what someone else perceives as to be 'grand' doesn't make your contribution any less filled with purpose, nor does it make it any less meaningful. Fill your own world with love and a beautiful purpose and everything will fall into place.

Sunday, November 8, 2015


I have been cooped up all weekend with a sprained foot... However, one good thing about this is that it has forced me to just sit and be. So I busted out the pencils, watercolours and paints - something I haven't done in a long time. Funny how motivation and creativity can come when you actually slow down. Buddha was right... "Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it."

Monday, November 2, 2015


On Saturday I did a gigantic shop at one of my favourite organic grocers in Melbourne. I hauled everything home and took over the entire dining table, put on a good movie and got chopping!
I was inspired the other week by a fab idea that was shared to create smoothie packs. So simple, you just put each smoothie worth of fruit or veg into a handy freezer safe snap-lock bag - so all you have to do is throw it into the nutri-bullet or blender and add water, almond milk (or whatever milk/liquid you prefer). Preparing the packs was so therapeutic and it may be something so simple, but this awesome little trick has given me so much time back in the morning, because everything is ready to go. It also means that each day will be started in the best possible way.

I really like the below quote, because while we may not have control over some things in our lives, how we decide to treat our own body is a choice we all have control over. Either we can be total meanies, or we can love and nurture it. Love all the way, baby.

Tip: Each night before bed just take a pack out of the freezer and place in the fridge - it just gives a bit of defrosting time overnight and means you won't cause any damage to blades with fully frozen fruit.
Also, choose plastic freezer bags that are BPA free - Ain't nobody got time for chemicals - and remember to recycle or reuse the bags when you are done.


Sunday, October 25, 2015


I remember when I was a child, going to garage sales and trash and treasure with my mother and her friends. I loved it! It was such a treat. People all gathered to sell their no longer needed items that would then become somebody else's treasure. I would walk the aisles twice, just to make sure I didn't miss anything.
Garage sales as a kid were fun... opening the newspaper and circling the addresses to go on an adventure to find gold. I remember one time I was with my mum and her friend and we went to a bunch while on holiday in Queensland. Walking the street we found another home that looked like it had a garage sale... Bingo! Down the driveway we went and had a rummage of the open shed... So. Many. Treasures. Then a man approaches us and says in a very weird tone 'um, are you right there?' 'great stuff you have!' we reply. Long story short, it was not a garage sale, they had just left the door open and we were rummaging through some unsuspecting persons private property. The owner then admitted that this was a good push to clean up his driveway and shed so it didn't look like a yard sale.

In totally legit garage sale news, this weekend was the annual Garage Sale Trail. That one weekend a year when all those happy childhood feelings of excitement and treasure hunting come flooding back.
I woke up super early (for a Saturday) just like a kid on Christmas day and off I went to treasure hunt. I went to the Frankie Magazine 'Frankie and Friends' garage sale in Brunswick and it was a delight indeed. I found two gorgeous embroidered scraps for 50 cents each that I plan on framing and I also found a vintage 10 dollar Kimono! I have always been a firm believer that you do not need to spend a lot to have style. You just need to choose with love and it will always come together.

Also, if you see me creeping around your home rummaging through your things, apologies, I probably just thought you were having a garage sale. *wink

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Holy moly, has it really been 6 months? Time flies when you're having fun (and moving house).

Over the past few months (ok, 6 months) I have had a little hiatus from my blog and focused on my Instagram page, xxmegancook. So make sure you pop by there to see what's been happening the last half year.

A lot has happened in that time. I unexpectedly had to move house... this was something that has been a huge blessing in my life - however hectic and irritating it was at the time. It felt like there was something shifting in the universe, like I was pushed on the path I was meant to be on. Because of this push I am now able to practice my yoga and meditation daily. I have the freedom to be the person I was holding back from being and I have had to build the insides (the soul) of my home from scratch. I am extremely grateful for this change.

Having pretty much no furniture when I moved I have slowly pieced together my little home. This all started with a rug. With nothing at all to sit on and not much coin, I went on the hunt for some vintage treasures. I was in the car and drove past a lovely rug shop that seemed to be singing my name - so of course when a shop sings your name you have to stop and go inside. In I went and soon realised that the only way I could afford one of those rugs was if I got a side job turning tricks. As I went to leave I saw the most divine, heaven of a rug. The kind of rug you WOULD turn tricks for, because it was just so pretty. A patchwork piece of heaven. I asked how much... and the shop man said it was 50 percent off. However, 50 percent off expensive still equals expensive. But before I knew it I had bought it, I had spent all the money I had in the bank on a patchwork rug and I had nothing to sit on. I figured I could play lounge picnics for a while... kind of romantic, really.
A few days later I was speaking with my mother on the phone and said I wasn't sure I did the right thing. She asked me "but do you love it?" and I said "yes." She said, "then you have made the right decision." She was right, no regret can come from something you have decided with love.

Below, said rug (and just to confirm, I did not turn any tricks for it). I will post some more photos of my abode soon.

Another lovely thing about moving is discovering the treasures of your new hood. Below, a trip to my new local florist... I bought these blooms yesterday and they are making my soul and eyes sing a very good tune right now.

Megan x